the penis fly trap
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justan0therreas0n asked: I would send u that pooP but I don't have any pics of u πsickburn

review of jeffy:

[unintelligible mumbling]

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jellygod asked: 💩

review of mel stinky hat:

i met this wild thang in johns tiny chat and he asked me to follow him…. well what a fucking mistake. here are some things to remember about mel:

  • spends far too much time in utero. probably lives there
  • likes anime ??? what a fucking nerd im telling you
  • made a fake facebook page and only has one friend on there (me)
  • ships rob/watermelon (problematic ship)
  • maybe gay ??? not sure he’s never really mentioned it
  • was featured on tumblrinaction 

final review: 

don’t follow this dung loving ass crack. you’ll get all this weird anime on ur dash and have to put up w/ a gay tumblr sjw thinking he’s better than the cishets

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drakensberg asked: 🆒

Review of john drakensberg:

the first time i spoke to this guy i thought i was in a dream… A NIGHTMARE THAT IS!!!!!!! and here is why

  • too gay for my liking
  • talks abt own dick a lot
  • tried to fuck a pine apple
  • tried to fuck a few more inanimate objects
  • forced me to call my boyfriend “daddy”
  • stole my url
  • said he’d send me a pic of his ass that i am yet to recieve??

all in all, john is a terrible person, a bad friend, and is probably taking a dick in the ass right now. 

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send me a 💩 and i’ll tell u what i think of u
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Everyone should play Fallout New Vegas.


Everyone should play Fallout New Vegas.

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after watching JUST ONE japanese anime

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i can’t stop beatifying pictures of my cat

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it’d be hilarious if they were role play blogs but i dont think they are i think they’re just using that to cover their asses

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theres a shop lifting community on tumblr holy shit
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